"I have been on two OTC (over the counter) Archery Mule Deer\Javelina hunts with Tim and I plan on going back. My hunts in Arizona with Tim are very memorable, I have stayed in a camp setting once and a hotel once and both where great, but I’m pushing 50 and the shower and bed at the end of a long day was nice. There was not a day that didn’t go by on the hunt where we didn’t have Muley bucks to stalk. I have been on guided hunts before and Tim is an excellent guide – he will push you; along with listen to how your feeling, these archery stalks can be demanding physically. I was looking for a hunting adventure that was going to push me physically along with a good class of animals to chase and that’s just what I got. Highly Recommended."

-Eric R., Rochester, NY



"I hunted with AZ Trophy Outfitters last October for Coues Deer. Tim and his staff went out of their way to give me a great hunt.  Camp and food were great and best of all was the comradery we shared and I enjoyed the stories told each night.  I’m looking forward to hunting again with them and would highly recommend this Outfitter."

-David B., Stockton CA



"I hunted Javelina with Tim for a week in February of 2015, in the prescot area.The weather was a problem . We had snow rain and wind.Because of this the animals were hard to find.However with a lot of hard work and locale knowledge Tim got me on a very nice Javelina and some predators to boot.I had hunted Bear and Moose in Alaska and Tim was in camp and I was impressed with his abilities. So when I decided I had to have a Javelina he was my first choice for a guide. Needles to say I will hunt with Tim again, maybe on a coues deer hunt this time."

Steve B., Spokane WA



"I had always wanted to shoot a “deer slam” and adding the Coues was my last deer needed to complete that goal.  So I decided to burn all of my deer points to try and draw a late season trophy Coues deer tag in Arizona.  I had met Tim Winslow of Arizona Trophy Outfitters at a show a year earlier so I called him and started talking about draw odds and units to try for.  When time came for the draw I was lucky enough to draw my first choice tag.  I called Tim and scheduled the hunt.  During the 5 days we had weather from snow to wind and very cold but that did not stop us from getting out there and finding deer.  I had set a goal of shooting a Coues over 100” and we found a few deer that we were chasing.  On the last day of the hunt we had great weather and Tim asked if I was ready for a hike.  I was up for it so off we went and hard work paid off as we found a great buck (108”) and I was able to connect and complete my “slam”.

Overall you will not find an outfitter that works harder to try and find game and make your hunt a memory you will not soon forget.  The accommodations were comfortable and food was hearty and plentiful.  I felt like I came to camp as a client and left as a friend.  I plan to hunt with Arizona Trophy Outfitters in the future when I find myself holding another Arizona tag."

-Brad S., Citrus Heights, CA



"Arizona Trophy Outfitters helped me make some of my best hunting memories.  I look forward to coming back as soon as possible. "

Stewart S. Grand Forks, ND (Hunted Coues Deer and Elk)



"My first time hunting in Arizona was with A.T.O. on an archery mule deer and javelina quest.  Tim was very knowledgeable and professional in the pursuit of our game.  Lots of long range glassing and patience, resulted in locating 3 very large mule deer and  several javelina.  After several stalks, finally a shot on the last day at a trophy deer, only to come away with a miss!  It was a great hunt, with good people, and looking forward to next year."

John M., CA



"His overall concern that I got a good elk. I had a bad knee and was going to have a knee replacement. His scouting the area before I got there. He had enough food and drinks for a month. I would take him or hunt with him anywhere. He doesn't smoke or drink and has a clean camp. He judged animals well. I have hunted a lot and was impressed."

Charlene W., CA



"I've hunted with A.T.O. on two different deer hunts, both were in Arizona. The first time it was near Prescott and the second was south of Phoenix, both times were a blast and I'm looking forwards to doing it again. In the Prescott area we saw five or six bucks a day and most of them were shooters. I was able to get with in 70 yards of a nice 3x3 and it wasn't Tim's fault that I went home empty handed. When we hunted Phoenix Tim had several others with him to help spot and guide, all of the guys were friendly, fun and knowledgeable. I was again unable to take home the trophy I wanted (we saw him but I couldn't get close enough) but I plan to go back! Tim and his crews are fantastic to hunt with I highly recommend them! And if you're in the Phoenix area ask to ride with Steve as he can get you there in back even if its only in a two wheel drive truck!"

Ron W., Stockton CA



"I was fortunate to have a mule deer archery hunt guided by Tim Winslow of Arizona Trophy Outfitters near Prescott, Arizona.  It was a blast!! Tim grew up there and knows every inch of the territory.  He scouts pre-season and knows where the Big Deer live and when they move.  No one works harder for his hunters.  It's an all day hunt from pre-dawn to dark.  You could not ask for a more Friendly, Reliable and Knowledgeable Guide!"

Charles N., CA



"Hunting with knowledgeable and experienced guides who can locate and get you on game."

Jim, CA



"Amazing hunting with top notch guides...My guide got me close to giant mulies in a tough time of year. Great dudes!"

Joeseph R., CA



Thanks so run a top notch outfitting service, the effort guide Chad put in for my Pops was out of this world. That will never be forgotten!

-Mike, PA



My good friend Jason and I hunted with A.T.O. on the Over-The-Counter archery mule deer and coues deer tag. I have hunted all over the world and coming out to Arizona I didn't know what to expect...but once the hunting started Tim and his guides got me and buddy on some huge trophy mule deer and coues deer every day...I am definitely coming back every year! 

Eric S., AK



These guys at A.T.O. have it dialed in! The food is awesome, the accommodations are extremely comfortable and they go out of their way to make it a great hunt. I have hunted twice with A.T.O. chasing mule deer and Javelina...if you love bowhunting this is the ultimate challenge and reward. I plan on hunting for a long time with these guys and I learn so much every year coming out to bow hunt. 

Brooks R., WA



Tim, Thank you so much for providing a great atmosphere in camp, great staff, and awesome food. I had a bit of a tough time following through on bagging a desert mule but hope to try again in the future. Blessing to you all!

Brad T., CA



Thanks to you all, we had an awesome time! We will be in touch and hopefully back again soon!

Zach B., TX



Unreal hunt, My dad and I had a blast with you and your guides, I hope we can do it again!

Sam and Scott, CA



Thanks for a great hunt!

Larry Steiner, 

Regional Rep. Region 24

Adirondack Catskill Chapter President

Safari Club International



I had a great time hunting coues deer with you and learning how to hunt and glass these awesome deer! I am looking forward to chasing these guys around again with you and your guides!

Marc A., AZ



Great hunt with you guys, the persistence of you and your guides really shows. The hunt was hard with the weather but you and your guides kept after it and found me an awesome mule deer...I can't thank you enough for getting this one off my bucket list!

Sebastian R., AZ



I got my first bull elk and my first mule deer buck with A.T.O., and I have been hunting them for 5 years, sometimes it takes some help! These guys treat you like a hunting partner and family member, I ate great, slept great and had a great hunt! Now its time to shoot a coues...see you guys soon!

Don W., AZ



Tim, I just wanted to say thank you again for the exceptional experience this past week. By far the 5 days I spent in the desert with yourself and the other guys from ATO was some of the best times I have had hunting also I wanted to say that Guide Ben is a very driven guide and a tremendous person, he taught Mike and myself a lot, put us in great situations for shot opportunities and showed us a great part of the desert. Again I want to thank you for the great memories made this past week and I look forward to the next time I am in the field with you and the guys form ATO!!!!

Josh B., PA



ATO and their guides are awesome. I have had my sons put in for the draw and I booked a hunt with Tim Winslow-Arizona Trophy Outfitters, they took great care of me and my boys. They know how to take care of each hunters needs, they put both my boys on awesome deer and got them set up to shoot so it took a lot of potential problems away from the situation, I got to see my boys succeed shoot great deer. Tim and his guides were so patient with us even when I was getting too excited seeing those bucks so close to shoot and waiting for my boy to shoot...its hard watching it and not having control! I will hunt with Arizona Trophy Outfitters from here on out, there honest hard working and great hunters! Thanks to all of you for making this all happen!

Colt M., AZ



Accommodations and food were excellent. Guides were very knowledgeable and helpful. They made every effort to make my hunt a success.

Jeff B., AZ



I went on my first coues deer hunt with A.T.O. and it was way different than what I am used to...glassing is the name of the game out west, I learned how to glass and actually find these little deer. I shot a great buck at 450 YDS, longest shot I have ever had, there was no guessing I dialed up the scope and one shot he was down! The guides were awesome, food was great and more than I expected!

John T., OH



I went on a rifle elk hunt with Arizona Trophy Outfitters, and I shot a great bull. But it was the scouting and the communication before the hunt that was impressive, these guys had ongoing scouting pics and videos of the bulls they were locating for me. I shot a bull they had been watching and it was a bull I particularly liked, I make the right choice after drawing a coveted AZ bull tag! Thanks guys, hope to draw again in the next 10 years!

Bob L., KS



Great hunt, I missed a few times, but the guides stayed patient with me and got me on a nice coues buck and I finally made a good shot. A challenging hunt but very rewarding compared to all the hunts I have been on. I am buying a long-range rifle and coming back to shoot another great coues.

Jay M., MO



I am 70 years old and I have hunted in Africa many times as well as North America, I had a great hunt with Tim Winslow and Arizona Trophy Outfitters. Everything was excellent, food, accommodations and hunting opportunities.

Greg S., WV



The coues deer has always been on my bucket list...ATO helped me get it done. Had some good stalks and finally got within range of a good buck. It is one of my favorite mounts in my house such a cool deer, and many thanks to these guys for making it happen!

Will C., CA



The archery OTC hunt is so awesome with these guys, its real hunting, spotting, stalking, and shooting. Made great memories around the campfires!

Luke T., NY



Best guides I have been around with the passion to get me on animals that I haven't experienced before. i had many opportunities and finally shot a Javelina with my fun...I am coming back for a mule deer!

Derek P., TX



My friends and I came out and had such a good time in January, there is nothing to hunt for us at home and we came out and enjoyed trophy BUCKS and stalks daily with a lot of sunshine. Thanks for everything you guys did to make our hunt unforgettable!

Aaron M., CO



My wife and I had a great hunt with ATO, they made us feel like one of the guides and my wife felt very comfortable at camp. She had a ton of fun and thats what I was hoping she will want to come back! Thanks for the hunt and experience!

Carl C., KY



Hunting early season velvet bucks with Tim Winslow, Arizona Trophy Outfitters was a blast, lots of bucks to look at, lots of stalks, and I shot a few arrows. Now I know what it takes to come out again and be ready to stalk and shoot these mule deer...I will be back for more mule deer action! 

Jim B., CA



The best archery elk hunt I have ever been on. I have hunted MT, and WY and this hunt is awesome. I was lucky enough to draw and spoke with Tim about the bugling bulls of AZ. He let me know what to expect, the hiking, gear and shot distance etc. We were into great bulls every day and I had many shots, and I finally got it done. ATO knows where the bulls are and they will take you to them. I couldn't believe the bugling that went on, I could hardly sleep at night with the bugles going off at night around the tent. Thanks to these guides for taking my hunt important and personal, thats something you don't get everywhere. Cheers!

Thomas D., MN



I am a long range shooter and I love hunting these coues. Arizona Trophy Outfitters knows the game. They know how to shoot and they have the best equipment to ensure my hunt went as best as it could. I shot my buck with my 300WM with a NightForce scope...dial and go. It is a professional outfit that I highly recommend.

Bruce N., MT



I had great Mexican food and I love hunting new parts of the country. The guides are dedicated and know the country. I shot my coues buck on the last day of the hunt after passing a few. I had a great time, canvas wall tents were comfortable, food was bueno, and hunting was action packed! Two thumbs up!

Peter M., OR



I had a great time with you guys, thank you for working so hard to get me close to these giant mule deer, I am losing sleep after the missed bucks but I know I will be back to finish the job. Keep up the good work guys!

Tom W., MI



First time elk hunting, I chose these guys because they knew the area and scout all the time. I had seen pictures of good bulls from the season before my hunt. I had to hike up a big ridge and got on a great bull with my guide. I shot him at 245 yards, and he dropped right there. I was thankful they packed out and took care of the meat and hide so quickly and professionally. I have a great elk mount over my fireplace now, reminds me of that AZ bull hunt with ATO.

Marty D., NY



I wanted to do a DIY but I couldnt make it out there to scout with a new project at work. The guys at Arizona Trophy Outfitters did all the work and had a great camp waiting for me when I got into camp. i had a great time, glassing big bulls, and shooting a big bull on day 5. It was cold and snowing the day after I killed and they packed out the bull and had it ready to go to drive home. I recommend these guys to anyone who draws an AZ bull tag!

Michael B., CA



Book a hunt with these guys they know their stuff. I brought my wife out and we had a great time, they got my wife involved and taught her how to glass...and i learned a few things myself. Professional and courteous all the time, more than I expected. See you soon for my next hunt!

Ed and Melanie B., CA



I have hunted elk a few times in MT and CO, I now have had the AZ experience! I wish I could hunt AZ with Tim Winslow and Arizona Trophy Outfitters every year. I will draw again someday and when I do I will have another great hunt with Tim, he took great care of my needs and got me on a great bull. Thanks to all involved and to the great cooking!

Chuck D., PA



Had a great hunt, thanks for accommodating me and my physical have a great staff of guides and everyone is professional. Talk to you soon!

Bill J., CA



I love to bow hunt and hunting these little javelina are a blast, I want to hunt these animals every year, a true spot and stalk not off a feeder. The hunt exceeded my expectations and I truly enjoyed every moment!

Frank J., TX



Tim, thank you for a great time out hunting in the desert! 

Ron M., CA



Excellent hunt, and people! I had a great time with the guides understanding behaviors and patterns of these mule deer!

Cole G., MN



I will be back!

Mike B., KS



Enjoyed hunting with you, thanks for a hunt and not pressuring me into shooting the first buck I saw, and it was worth the wait!

Sam F., PA